Lawmen at Titans

What a monster win it was for me last night as I had to sweat out my 20th win of the winter season. It was just in time for the playoffs as well as we transition from regular season to conference tournaments and then the State Championships. Sitting at 20-10, with a 2-2 Goralnik Guarantee record, this game is far from a sure thing.

It should be an exciting battle for sure and it features a team we saw only once, in the first broadcast of the winter, and another team we haven't seen at all but I have heard a lot of hype about them. Sheehan and Jonathan Law are both good teams but it's tough to get a sense of how they are playing. It also doesn't help that last night Sheehan's Head Coach Mike Busillo told Coach DeMaio what he thinks the early spread should be on the game. I won't go into detail, but I will say I know Coach Busillo, who is one of the best coaches in the state regardless of what sport we are talking, likes to downplay his team's success and is a very humble man. Some of that may have played into the spread that he told Coach DeMaio last night.

On the other hand, I have heard nothing but positive things about this Lady Law squad. Granted the hype was coming from the Jonthan Law maintenance staff but still, they had some seriously high praise for this year's team. The problem is we haven't seen them for me to confirm their opinions.

Ultimately I have to pick a victor. First I'll remind you that you can watch this game right here on (High School Sports - 960 WELI ( Ok, enough dilly-dallying... in a tough battle, give me the Titans of Sheehan to advance.

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