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Meet Catalina! The Senior Kitty Learning to Love Again!

Meet Catalina!

Age: 10 years

Breed: DSH

Sex: Female

During the month of August, we will be encouraging our adopters to consider adopting one of our resident shelter cats. These cats have been waiting too long for their forever homes. Who are these cats? Well, they may be Spirit Cats, senior cats, barn cats, or medical hospice cats. Adoption fees for these cats have been reduced or waived for the month of August. Please check out the new Perfectly Imperfect section of the website for available cats and information about Spirit Cats and medical hospice cats.

Catalina is one of our Perfectly Imperfect cats. She is a senior gal who has had surgery to remove a malignant mammary gland tumor. She also has had some extensive dental work since she came to POA. We don't know what the future holds for our Catalina, but we do know that she deserves a comfortable home to call her own.

Catalina Island is known for its glass bottom boats, world-class resorts, and of course an infamous fictional Wine Mixer. Our Catalina may not be as glamorous, but she is still an interesting soul. Catalina, aged 10, is a stunning calico who is learning that life can be good. She spent some time in our medical area, having mammary tumors and some teeth removed, and maybe that has caused her to be less trusting and open than many of the cats at POA. Gradually, she is learning to trust people, and the best way to connect with this spirited little girl is play. She loves pipe cleaners, feathers, you name it! She has begun to open up to some of our dedicated volunteers, rubbing up against them and giving the occasional head butt. Catalina would probably be best as an only cat with a patient, caring person who is willing to show her that life is beautiful and that she has a lot of it left to live.

Here is some additional information for adopters who are considering adopting one of our Perfectly Imperfect cats.

Spirit Cats

Spirit Cats are like little ninjas in the night. You catch a glimpse of them and then quickly they dart out of view. Why are they like this? We don’t always know what a cat’s life was like before they were brought to the shelter. They may have had difficult or limited experiences with people. Whatever the reason, some cats are fearful and in need of a special family. Spirit Cats are likely to spend their time hiding and might not like a lot of attention. You may only hear the pitter-patter of their feet for days at a time. Visitors may never even see these stealth felines. But one day, when you’ve earned their trust, a spirit cat might rest on the couch next to you. Spirit Cats can also make great friends for other cats in your home. There are no guarantees. But one thing is certain, these special cats need someone like you to love them, even if it’s at a distance.

Most Spirit Cats love the company of other cats. We would say that these cats have community spirit. Other POA Spirit Cats would prefer to be the only cat in the home, so we say that they have an independent spirit. Others will fall somewhere in between because they have a unique spirit. Then again, don’t all cats have a unique and independent spirit?

If you are considering a POA Spirit Cat, please carefully read the following information.

  • They won’t magically turn into normal acting cats; what you see is what they will be like for a long time, maybe always. Some will change more than others but be prepared for what you see now.
  • Please include your cat into your daily life – greet them when they come into the room, sit in the room with them, try to engage them in play with wand toys.
  • Allow them to approach you. Make a fist and extend your hand to them. They may approach you and give you a little head bump. Even if they appear to show no interest, continue to offer them opportunities to interact with you.
  • Be patient and always use a soft gentle tone of voice.
  • If your cat is a companion for other cats in the home, please continue to interact and play with your resident cat. Spirit cats can learn trust humans by watching how other cats interact with their people. A spirit cat will be watching you very closely!
  • While we hope that your spirit cat will learn to trust you and will seek out some attention eventually, we cannot guarantee that will happen. These cats truly need someone to love them and you will be rescuing a cat in the true sense of the word “rescue”. In order to help you and your cat on this journey, we will be sending you home with shy cat paperwork filled with lots of helpful information on helping your cat learn to trust.

Medical Hospice Cats

On occasion, we do have some cats who have a terminal illness but still have a good quality of life. We know that they have a limited life expectancy, and we would love them to spend their final days (weeks, months, sometimes years) in a loving home of their own. Shelter life is especially difficult for hospice cats. Many if these cats are on special diets and must remain in their condo so they do not have access to other food that might be harmful to them. They must be closely supervised when they are on the floor.

POA offers a long-term foster option for our hospice cats. This would mean that POA would continue to be responsible for the medical care of the cat. If the foster family feels that they would like to take on full responsibility for the cat, including vet bills and end-of-life decisions, we can also complete adoption paperwork. Each hospice cat has a unique condition, and our medical team is always available to answer any questions about what to expect.

If you are interested in one of our wonderful hospice cats, please email us at for more information.

If you would like to meet Catalina, click here to fill out an application and ask to meet her. If you already have an approved application, you can send an e-mail to

Adoptions are now done by appointment only. Email for more info and an appointment.

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